Estepona, a picturesque coastal town in the heart of Spain's Costa del Sol, is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene that blends traditional Spanish flavors with contemporary gastronomy. As we venture into 2024, Restaurants in Estepona continues to evolve, offering an array of dining experiences that cater to every palate. Here's a curated guide to the top 10 restaurants in Estepona that are a must-visit this year.

Restaurants in Estepona Area

  1. Restaurante Sur: A gem for Argentinean cuisine lovers, Restaurante Sur has been delighting patrons for over 15 years. Located just steps away from La Rada Beach, it offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with a decor reminiscent of the Argentine countryside. The charcoal-grilled Argentine beef is a standout, especially the prime beef tenderloin served with glazed potatoes and vegetables.
  2. Restaurante La Rada: With over 25 years of serving Estepona's locals and visitors, Restaurante La Rada is a staple for Mediterranean cuisine. They pride themselves on their selection of local seafood, rice dishes, and the finest "Joselito" ham, all complemented by a prime location with sea views.
  3. Amura: Nestled in the Estepona Marina, Amura offers a menu that skillfully combines seafood, fried dishes, meats, and more. It's a perfect spot for a leisurely meal after a stroll along the port.
  4. The Garden by La Rosa: For those seeking a fine dining experience, The Garden by La Rosa presents an elegant setting and a menu that features the best of steakhouse and European grill cuisine. The attention to detail and quality ingredients make it a top choice for a special night out.
  5. Arroceria Santa Maria: A paradise for rice dish aficionados, Arroceria Santa Maria serves up a variety of flavorful and authentic Spanish rice dishes that are a testament to the region's culinary heritage.
  6. Le Petit Paris: Le Petit Paris is located in the Marina Bay complex, near the port, and has a modern and cozy decor. The menu features classic and contemporary dishes, such as the onion soup, the duck confit, the beef bourguignon, the salmon with leek sauce, and the crème brûlée.
  7. Casa Doña Jeronima: This restaurant brings contemporary Spanish cuisine to the forefront, with a menu that celebrates both innovation and tradition. The ambiance is as inviting as the food is enticing.
  8. Fons: At Fons, Mediterranean and European cuisines merge to create dishes that are both refined and hearty. It's an ideal locale for those who appreciate the finer aspects of dining.
  9. Pepe Sushi House: Blending Japanese tradition with modern twists, Pepe Sushi House is the go-to destination for sushi enthusiasts. Their fresh, inventive rolls and sashimi platters are a feast for the senses.
  10. Asador Tehuelche Grill Argentino: Tehuelche Grill Argentino, a little piece of Argentina on the Costa del Sol a few steps from Benahavís.

Exploring the Culinary Stars of Málaga: Michelin-Starred Restaurants in 2024

Málaga, a vibrant city nestled along Spain's sun-drenched Costa del Sol, has long been a destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life, including its world-class cuisine. The Michelin Guide for 2024 has once again highlighted the top restaurants that make Málaga Province a gastronomic paradise.

One cannot talk about Michelin-starred dining in Málaga without mentioning José Carlos García's restaurant, which continues to shine with one Michelin star. Located at the Muelle Uno dock, this establishment is renowned for its contemporary space that harmonizes cutting-edge trends with Mediterranean style. Chef García, a Málaga native, offers two extensive tasting menus that evolve constantly, featuring locally sourced ingredients and traditional "malagueño" flavors.

Another star in Málaga's culinary sky is Kaleja, praised for its innovative approach to Andalusian cuisine. The restaurant earned its star in 2023 and has maintained it through 2024, offering a menu that is both affordable and exquisite.

In Fuengirola, Restaurante Sollo, helmed by Chef Diego Gallegos, known as the 'Caviar Chef,' continues to impress with its sustainable approach to gastronomy, earning it a Michelin star. The restaurant's focus on river fish and caviar has made it a unique spot in the province.

Marbella also boasts its share of Michelin stars, with restaurants like Messina, Back, and Nintai offering exceptional dining experiences. Messina, with its refined Mediterranean dishes, Back, the newcomer to the list, and Nintai, known for its fusion of flavors, all contribute to Marbella's reputation as a culinary hotspot.

Worth Mentioning with 2 Michelin Stars

For those seeking an even more elevated experience, Skina in Marbella holds two Michelin stars and is known for its luxurious Gran Cru menu. Meanwhile, Bardal in Ronda illuminates the mountainous region with its two-star status, offering a menu that balances innovation with tradition.

The Michelin Guide also includes restaurants that, while not starred, are recognized for their quality and are worth visiting. These include Balausta, La Cosmopolita, Ta-Kumi, Cávala, La taberna de Mike Palmer, Palodú, Candado Golf, and La Cosmo, all located in Málaga capital.

The Michelin stars of Málaga Province are not just accolades; they represent a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the celebration of Andalusian gastronomy. Each restaurant offers a unique experience, whether it's the ambiance, the service, or the creative use of local ingredients. For food enthusiasts and travelers alike, Málaga's Michelin-starred restaurants are destinations in their own right, promising unforgettable culinary journeys.

As the Michelin Guide continues to evolve, it reflects the dynamic nature of Málaga's gastronomic scene. The stars awarded are a testament to the chefs' dedication and the region's rich culinary heritage. Whether you're a local or a visitor, exploring the Michelin-starred restaurants of Málaga is an adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you with lasting memories of the flavors of Andalusia. For more information on the Michelin Guide's selections and to plan your culinary exploration, visit the official Michelin Guide website.

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